Pointless adoration

by Andy van Dinh


alineforeverything replied to your post:Quick question to the Pointless fandom - are the…

Each episode should be listed on iplayer with an original broadcast date or should say if it’s a repeat in the description, at least I think that’s the case x

I checked for that, and they were all up to date, but I was unsure because I didn’t recognise any of the contestants (I did binge watch a month’s worth of Pointless because I was never allowed control of the TV). Having said that, I noticed a couple from last Tuesday’s show - a massive, burly weight lifter and his girlfriend - and I could vaguely remember them from before because they were rubbish during the rounds. I certainly haven’t found anything either on here or Twitter about new episodes, but maybe I’m not as vigilant.

Also, that’s another thing. To anyone out there, it is series 11 we’re on or series 17?

It’s been new eps for the last couple of weeks. Currently series 11.

But for some reason it’s back to repeats from today (Tuesday) :(


A little Buzzfeed piece I made about Comedy Club 4 Kids. Enjoy! 

Interviewer: Do you have a recurring dream?
Peter Capaldi: No, but I am having increasingly strange dreams. Recently I dreamed that I returned home to find my wife had married Ray Winstone. They were kind and let me stay, but the whole thing was awkward.



Fuck your house.

OMG I’m dying